Stork Protocol


STORK is a fair-launch token. This means that no STORK will be pre-mined.
STORK has an initial supply of 0. STORK is only available to be mined via staking Stork NFTs or Airdrop, and the supply has no pre-mine or team-holdback. The total supply of STORK tokens is 25,000,000. Of this supply, 22,500,000 can be mined via staking Stork NFTs and 2,500,000 will be airdropped. Similar to Bitcoin and Dust Protocol, STORK has three halving periods where the amount of STORK earned per day from staking will be cut in half:
  • Halving #1: 11,250,000
  • Halving #2: 14,625,000
  • Halving #3: 16,875,000
Following Halving #3, the STORK contract will make available the 2.50 million in a STORK airdrop that will be used for our Governance Phase. Every Staked Stork NFT can earn 2 STORK per day.
Last modified 3mo ago